Who is The Calculus Tutor?

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I was gifted in math.

At a San Diego grade school, I was placed in the SEMINAR program, a classroom where all the smart kids are. I was here because I got a near-perfect score on some standardized test.

In high school, I was consistently at the top of my AP Calculus BC class. Not the third-scorer, not the second-scorer, but THE first person on top of the grades list at Canyon Hills High School.

This was my sign to pursue a Bachelor's Degree in Math at Cal Poly SLO, so I took the opportunity. I was the best math student at my school, so college can’t be that

bad... right?

Combinatorics. Real Analysis. Really Tough classes.

When I found out that I failed my midterms in both of these classes, I freaked out. I’ve never done so badly on a test, and I was scared, anxious, and angry that I scored so low.

But, I didn’t let this get to me.

I was determined to pass these classes. I organized study groups, read textbooks, and generally practiced more. I worked so hard that I eventually tutored my classmates in the subject that I was once struggling in, and the extraordinary amount of hours put into passing materialized on the final exam.

I nearly got a perfect score on my Combinatorics exam- raising my overall grade from a D+ to a solid B. Since I passed, I had BARELY enough units to pursue a minor in Statistics.

Now, I am working with smart students who are scared of failing Calculus.

My students are good with math, but they’re struggling for the first time. Perhaps they had a gap year and their Algebra skills have rusted. Or their school is known to be overtly rigorous, and students aren't given the time nor resources to pass the class.

Tutoring twice a week will catch you up on what you’re missing.

With my 5 years of experience as a math tutor, I help my students score 5's on the AP Calculus AB Test. Click this link to read more about my Tutoring Service.

Consider Jack, who started with a D in the first month of Calculus. He ended up passing the AP Calculus exam and gained college credit. You can read his mom's review here:

ap calc tutors near me

My students are graduating and going to college. They are also pursuing their dream careers and no longer feel bad about their struggle through math.

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ap calculus tutor near me