All Derivatives You NEED to Know

Updated: January 23rd, 2023

Almost done with AP Calc AB or College Calculus 1 and know the calculus derivative definition? Here's a list of derivatives you MUST know by the end of the year. I like to call this the Calculus Derivative Cheat Sheet!

If you don't know these like they're on the back of your hand, I recommend one of two ways to remember these formulas.

  1. Practice solving questions involving derivatives.

You should already know a good amount of the derivatives just from practicing on homework problems or navigating through quiz questions. So, do more of them! This will train your brain to remember not only how to use the derivatives but when as well!

Are there just derivatives that you can't seem to remember? Like the derivative of f(x) = csc(x)?

  1. Use flashcards to drill in the remaining formulas.

Although I don't always recommend using rote memorization techniques in math classes, flashcards are just so efficient and effective. Write "the derivative of csc(x)" on one side and "f'(x) = -csc(x)cot(x)" on the other. BAM you have your ticket to remembering the entire list of derivatives.

With how to remember these derivatives in mind, I present to you a compelte list of derivatives you NEED to know if you're starting Calculus for the first time! Good luck studying!

Now that you know your calculus derivatives formulas, do you know your anti-derivatives/integrals? Stay tuned for a COMPLETE list of antiderivatives you MUST KNOW. Beware... It's going to be long.

Need examples? Let me know! I'll include some.

If you're struggling to get a hold of these formulae, working with a tutor might be a good next step for you. Consider signing up for a FREE consultation at the top right of this website!