The Epic List of Math Resources Online

Updated: January 23rd, 2023

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Looking for a list of free math resources to get you by your math or Calculus class? Look no further because this is THE Epic List of Math Resources for High School and College Students. Links are in the heading of each resource.

Many of my students' teachers use this resource to assign homework and practice problems in preparation for quizzes and exams. I recommend giving this resource a try. If you're looking to find more practice problems, I recommend creating a "For Teachers/Schools" account rather than a "For Students" account. This allows you more access to the multitude of problems.

Desmos is the best free math app. I've even used it extensively as a college student. It's free, accessible, and easy to use. You can visualize graphs, compute numbers like a calculator would, evaluate integrals and derivatives, create animations of the behavior of the curve using different parameters, etc. It's a great cross between a graphing calculator and a coding program (perhaps something like Mathematica). Give it a try!

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Flippedmath has TONS of free practice problems, notes, and pre-recorded lectures. This website has the best free printable math resources out there. Their Calculus course has two versions. The first follows CollegeBoard's Course and Exam Description and is built for students that meet for 45-minutes every day. Their second version was built for 90-minute classes that meet every other day. This is a great opportunity for students who want to study Calculus at their own pace or get more practice problems to reinforce your Calculus knowledge

This website has some simulations that I wish to use in my tutoring practice more often. Namely, the Mean Value Theorem "guarantee" diagrams is a great resource to visualizing the theorem: connecting the relationship between secant and tangent lines. I also notice a Cross Section/Volume activity. Again, this is a great visualization to this complex topic.

IXL has tons of free practice questions that are in a "quiz" format. If your best learning style is to consistently test your Calculus knowledge, this website is for you. However, the Calculus portion mostly deals with the prerequisites of the class, so Integrals and more advanced topics are not present.

Out of all of the resources on this list, Khan Academy is one of the best free math app. This website has a huge range of topics, but the AP/College Calculus course is fantastic. Khan Academy is a collection is notes, example videos, practice problems, and text questions. It's comprehensive, succinct, and effective. Give it a try! It's best as a complement to your Calculus class.

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This website has interesting and engaging lesson worksheets for AP Calculus AB and BC students. I'm looking forward to using their practice problems in my tutoring sessions. Korpi's World also has a great "Calculus Prerequisites" course for future AP Calculus students looking to get ahead in math over the summer.

If you are an AP Calculus student aiming to score a 5 on the AP Test, go to Use it as a guide to get to your goals. Tip #1 is my favorite.

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Since it's free to use, OpenStax is the best textbook for Calculus. I first learned of OpenStax while tutoring students from UCSD. Students in their Calculus class were assigned OpenStax's textbook. Since it was free, I was able to grab a copy of it, read through the textbook as if I was a student, and taught the best pair of students I've ever taught. These students were able to go from struggling with limits to beating the curve in higher-level Calculus classes. Openstax is a free textbook distributor with a mission to improve educational access for everyone. If you're in need of a concise book to learn Calculus (or supplement your learning), consider using this website's textbook.

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Similar to the other resources on this list, Paul's Online Notes is a hub of math notes and practice questions. It may be geared towards older students, say those at the college level, but anyone going through this website will benefit from its comprehensive notes. The questions seem tough, but the author's explanations will guide you through.

This is a unique website. Have you ever forgotten what a specific math word means? This is your key. It's an index of a LONG list of vocabulary. It's a great resource for advanced students.

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