Are there any Business Calculus tutor near me?

Yes! I do tutor Business Calculus. Luckily, Business Calculus goes over the main topics of Calculus with an emphasis on business applications. Some unique topics of Business Calculus are the introduction of price functions, revenue functions, cost functions, and profit functions. Using Calculus to maximize or minimize these functions is common.

Is there a Calculus 2 Tutor near me or a San Diego Calculus Tutor near me?

Yes! Calculus II is an sequel to Calculus I. Most universities and colleges will cover Integrals, Applications of Integrals, and the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus in this course. I like to describe it as the "reverse" or "inverse" of derivatives though integrals can be much tougher. If you're interested in a Calc 2 Tutor, sign up for a free consultation and we can meet each other in a 30-minute Zoom meeting.

Are there any AP Calculus AB tutor near me?

I love tutoring AP Calculus AB students. When I took the course in high school, I knew I wanted to get my Bachelor's in Mathematics. I enjoy sharing my passion for Calculus to these students, so YES I tutor AP Calculus AB.

How to teach myself Calculus?

I recommend downloading both my freebies

and starting from there. Next, sign up for a free consultation call with me, and we can set up your next steps together.

What are my tutoring rates?

My calculus tutor rates are $75 per session.

Do I have any Calculus Tutor Videos?

Not yet! There are so many great youtube channels that do these Calculus Tutorial Videos that I would like to highlight:

How Many Calculus Classes Are There?

When I was 16 years old, my first exposure to Calculus as in AP Calculus AB. I scored a 5 on the exam, so I moved onto AP Calculus BC. In hindsight, I probably should've just taken Calc 2 at a community college, but that's okay.

At the college level, there's Calculus 1, Calculus 2, and Calculus 3. These classes are designed to take as a series. Calculus 1 introduces Differential Calculus, Calc 2 exposes Integration and its techniques, and Calc 3 applies it's predecessor's topics to a third dimension.

Note that some universities may split these classes differently. For example, at my alter mater Cal Poly SLO, we had Calc 1, 2, 3, and 4.

Most students stop at Calc 3, but there's a load more "Calculus-related" classes out there, such as Vector Calc, Differential Equations, Linear Analysis, Linear Algebra, Real Analysis, and so on. These class for for math and engineering majors, mostly.

Am I a San Diego Statistics Tutor?

Yes! I have tutored Statistics students in the past. With my minor in Statistics, I am comfortable with all ranges of Stats. In 2021, I was lucky enough to tutor one of my previous Calculus students in a college-level Statistics class. It was incredibly refreshing to revisit a old subject, and I wish to teach more of it in the near future. If you're looking for a Statistics tutor near you, consider signing up for a free consultation call at the bottom of this page.

Am I a San Diego Physics Tutor?

Yup! I tutor physics as well- from AP Physics 1 to College Physics 3 (Electromagnetism). Similar to stats, I've had my fair share of Physics students. Physics has always been an interested topic for me (despite how advanced and complicated it can be). But my favorite tutoring memory was in my early days of this business. I as tutoring a 9th grade student in Physics and explained that horizonal motion is independent of vertical motion.

We tested this by dropping two identical toy cars, but one was throw horizontally (aka parallel to the ground). To prove that horizonal motion and vertical motion are independent, I expected to see both toys hitting the ground at the same time, despite having different horizontal velocities. And our little experiment worked! After tutoring, Khoi - my student - kept testing our makeshift experiment. It brings me a lot of joy knowing that he was curious about the phenomenon and kept testing on his own free time.

Definitely going to continue tutoring Physics when I get the chance. If you are not testing too well in your Physics class, consider clicking the green button to sign up for a free consultation call.

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